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Did you know that shopping cart abandonment accounts for a loss of $18 billion in sales each year? As a startup or new business, you would like to ensure a conversion; once a customer likes your product/service. The more attractive your payment options are to customers, the more chances visitors can purchase.

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A working payment gateway will enable you to sell subscriptions, memberships, goods, digital downloads, or online services. As a service provider, you will also need to ensure that your payment process is not only safe and quick but also provides multiple payment options.

Online shopping and service are now so indistinguishably intertwined, customers won’t hesitate to abandon a brand if they feel service falls below expectations. At Red Chip, we assist you in selecting the right payment gateway for your current and future needs, and ensure that it is integrated successfully, securely and with the best usability for your customers.

What is payment gateway integration?

Payment gateway integration is your doorway to online sales. It enables you to collect payments from a customer’s credit/debit card, bank account or e-wallet. The payment process is made available to a customer as either a hosted or an integrated solution.


Here the payment process is facilitated by ready to use interface you can simply plug into your website or application. The code is usually provided in across multiple platforms: PHP, HTML, node.js, iFrame, etc.

Integrated – API

For an API based integrated payment gateway solution, and API or library is provided which then interacts with the service provider to facilitate the payment process.

Payment gateway integration services in Cochin, Kerala

We cover payment gateway integration for the following service providers:

payment gateway integration service

For any other service provider, please get in touch with us.

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