Red Chip | July 16, 2015

Why social media is beneficial for real estate businesses?

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It is no longer a question whether a commercial real-estate company really should have an active social media marketing presence. Remember it was in the 90’s, companies recognized they were required to build a website. No one can possibly imagine the lack a web site today and so it should be with social media marketing platforms. The benefits far outnumber these negative misconceptions of their time it takes to write, post deal with. And this analytics demonstrate the effectiveness of these tools to develop brand awareness, increase search engine ranking, and ultimately reach and engage with your clients.

The commercial real estate industry continues to be slow to adopt social media being a mainstream marketing tool. The truth is that real estate clients, corporate US have previously embraced social media marketing – so real estate service providers have to leverage it strategically to create their so called brand and develop their business by doing the identical online methods as their particular customers.

Few real estate companies get it done consistently and also less gets it done well. A significant exception can be Cushman & Wakefield that’s an energetic presence in multiple platforms. Barbi Reuter, COO of Cushman & Wakefield, writes for real estate and also launched the blog PICOR Connect, Trends in Commercial Real Estate.

Companies still can’t expect to arrive at specific focuses on via regular marketing which pushes available messages by means of: advertising, brochures, direct postal mail, email, flyers and also websites. Social media has naturally permission and access to consumers to share with you their viewpoint openly while using the world, both bad and good. Being capable of address both appropriately and also timely can generate lifelong brand advocates.

Although you’ll find literally countless social advertising platforms available, the most popular ones for business incorporate: LinkedIn, Twitter, face book, You Tube, and blogging. All have their own advantages.

  • Facebook enables daily conversation, transparency, brand exposure and also industry bridal
  • Twitter is usually an instantaneous media feed of engagement and also a great supply for creating website visitors
  • YouTube can be viewed by numerous subscribers everyday and serves being an impactful messaging tool for exhibiting images which speak volumes about your brand
  • Blogging positions a firm as any thought innovator and serves like new web site content for the major search engines ultimately improving SEO

Developing any strategic messaging program is the first step to executing social media marketing and a lot of companies will engage experts to write down the plan dependent on specific goals.

The plan is able to be carried out by the in-house crew or be maintained by some other resource. Experts in social media marketing should propose plans that can be customized towards the real estate business, internal functions, objectives and also budget.

Having a lively presence on social media marketing is not an option for real estate companies and, in reality, can certainly be a detriment for a lot if they just don’t have a lively voice on the web. According to James Antony from (a real estate company based in India), “If you’re still questioning online or social media marketing, you are already behind and your competitor may well soon move ahead of you as they gleam client insights, increase brand awareness and also grow their particular business through social media marketing.” So, those who adapt to the changing marketing tactics like being social will yield more clients than who are not.