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If you would like your article(s) to be considered for publication on our site or in our newsletter, email us at . Keep in mind, this is NOT an article directory. We are ONLY interested in articles on the following topics:

  • SEO
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We accept two types of article submissions:

1) General Article Submissions

Articles that have been previously published elsewhere or that are posted simultaneously to other sites, article directories, blogs, etc. will be considered for publication on our site and may be referenced in our newsletter, but will not be given first preference for Featured Exposure on the Red Chip homepage or in the Red Chip newsletter.

2) Exclusive Articles

Authors who submit original content articles that have not yet been published elsewhere and who agree not to submit to other sites for a period of ten days following the date of submission to Red Chip will, if their article is selected, receive the following benefits:

  1. Featured placement on our homepage and in our newsletter.
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Note : No backlinks will be allowed in the article title or article authors bio.