Red Chip | May 1, 2013

Wikimedia Commons Android and iOS apps launched

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If you’re a Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons user, there’s new way to contribute to the ever-growing body of information provided by the Wikimedia Foundation.

The Wikimedia Foundation announced the release of its official Commons application for Android and iOS systems. The app allows users to take photos and quickly upload them to the Wikimedia Commons. Android versions of the app alsoallow for the uploading of multiple files and addition of categories.

Users will be able to sign in to their accounts through the app to have the photos credited to them, but signing up for a Wikimedia Commons account still requires you to go to the website for now.

Maryana Pinchuk, Associate Product Manager for the Wikimedia Foundation, mentions that they “hope to add more features and make it easier to browse and discover all the great content Commons has to offer.”

In the meantime, interested Wiki-lovers can now take advantage of the app and start building their own compendium on the Commons.

Via : Rappler