Red Chip | September 22, 2011

How to remove +1 Button and Annotation from Google Adsense for Publishers

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Starting yesterday, Google has made the long awaited Google+ now fully open for registrations all across the internet. Starting with the introduction of Google+, Google has also made plans to introduce the +1 button on the Google Display Network including its AdSense platform for publishers. By clicking the +1 button, people will now be able to recommend specific ads and make them more likely to appear to their social connections. And hopefully this will result in a higher CTR and increase in revenue.

+1’s will be one additional signal that help determine an ad’s relevance. All eligible ads will continue to compete in the ad auction, and we’ll continue to show the ones that will generate the most revenue for you. +1 button clicks are not counted as clicks on ads. Although you won’t receive any revenue for +1 button clicks, +1’s will help AdSense to deliver more useful ads to your users, which we think will result in higher returns over time.

Now for some reason if you do not want the +1 button alongside your AdSense Ad’s and are looking to opt out of this feature, here is how you can get it done :

1. Sign in to your AdSense account. (Switch to the New Adsense Interface)

2. Visit the Allow & block ads tab.

3. In the left panel, click Advanced settings.

4. Select either Content or Mobile Content from the Product drop-down menu.

5. Click the block button in the Social Ads Preference section.

Removing Plus One from AdSense

You can revert back anytime and enable again the use of +1 related features in ads.